Want to contact the people depriving your family of the opportunity to advance themselves that America has always offered its citizens?

Throughout the course of our great country, it has always been the Mothers of America who have said enough is enough!

Titanic Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Whether it was watching as their children jumped to their death

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

The kitchen table.

It’s a place of gathering for families. It’s more than a place to share food. It’s a place where children tell their parents about what happened at school that day. It’s a place where love and laughter is exchanged during holiday gatherings and family celebrations. And, after a tragedy, the table also serves as an all too painful reminder of those no longer seated around it. That’s why in 1980, it was a small, unassuming kitchen table where one mom started a movement that would significantly change the course of history in the United States. That year, more people died on our roadways thanks to drunk drivers than the number of people who died in war. Today, those fatalities have been cut in half, despite a number of roadblocks and setbacks along the way.
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Denying Opportunity to our citizens

The Propaganda says "They Create Jobs!"

The facts say otherwise

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In 2018 we created 2,322,000 jobs according to the Current Employment Statistics maintained by the Department of Labor which is supposed to be the most accurate
During that time we also imported 2,569,207 student visa holders from other countries, many of which are actually hired to work using an Optional Practical Training rule.
If all of these worked under that rule, that would leave zero jobs for your family to work their way up the ladder and build that better life you wanted for them
At the same time, we also imported 3,919,383 temp workers, some with family, some without - Even if you figured 50% of those were working, that is an additional 2 million temp workers
Are you now beginning to understand why your family is having a hard time finding work to build that better life that you wanted them to have?
Does this mean I'm against immigration if I feel this way?
Not at all - We want immigration from those that want to come here and make our country better while working alongside our families
Just not at the expense of giving them a job while denying our family a job as nobody benefits in that scenario
These Companies and Attorneys are the ones denying your family that job by working to import temp workers when there are not enough jobs for your family, let alone students and temp workers.
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What do I think can be done to fix the problem?
We are not creating enough jobs here because we are actively sending the jobs to other countries
We can't stop companies from doing that, but we can tax the hell out of their products and services so that it is not beneficial to do so.
One thing we can do is make it illegal for any city, county, state, or federal government to hire non-immigrant guest workers or contract their work out to companies hiring non-immigrant guest workers
The money these government agencies operate on comes from American citizens taxes, and it is willingly paid to build a better America for Americans in America, not to hire people from other countries when we have plenty of qualified workers available
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