Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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12 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
VF Imagewear (West), Inc 385112001-09-01AntlersOK90
VF Imagewear (West) Inc 391462001-01-04BrownsvilleTX127
VF Imagewear (West), Inc 385122001-09-01ClarksvilleTX274
VF Imagewear (West) 389912001-09-04ColumbusMS230
VF Imagewear (West) 399762001-10-09HarrimanTN158
VF Imagewear (West) 386602001-12-02HenningTN153
VF Imagewear (West) 38587A2001-01-01LewisburgKY275
VF Imagewear (West) 39976A2001-10-09LillingtonNC70
VF Imagewear (West) Inc. 418682002-01-07Mt. PleasantTN150
VF Imagewear (West) 385872001-01-01RussellvilleKY274
VF Imagewear (West) 421632002-01-09SpartaTN160
VF Imagewear (West) 39976B2001-10-09WartburgTN45