Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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16 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
TI Automotive 557882004-01-10AshleyIN104
TI Automotive 554822004-01-08Cass CityMI0
TI Automotive 617882007-05-07ChesterfieldMI22
TI Automotive 749742010-09-12ChesterfieldMI40
TI Automotive Systems 407252002-04-02ColdwaterMI110
TI Automotive, Ltd. 821702012-01-11CynthianaKY21Canada
TI Automotive Systems, LLC 620682007-01-08HebronOH216Mexico
TI Automotive Group 533542003-01-10MarysvilleMI20
TI Automotive 587032006-01-01MarysvilleMI3Mexico
TI Automotive 627612008-01-01MarysvilleMI13Mexico
TI Automotive 388002001-12-03New HavenMI116
TI Automotive 565822005-01-02NormalIL0
TI Automotive, LLC 573032005-03-06NormalIL52Mexico
TI Automotive Systems, LLC 545732004-01-03WarrenMI70
TI Automotive Systems, LLC 590832006-01-03WarrenMI20
TI Automotive Systems 623942007-01-11WarrenMI21Belgium