Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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11 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
Spartan Mills 321391996-01-04ChesneeSC100
Spartan Mills 351791998-09-11ChesneeSC15
Spartan Mills 370141999-01-11ChesneeSC200
Spartan Mills 321401996-01-04JonesvilleSC100
Spartan Mills 321381996-01-04LawndaleNC0
Spartan Mills 321371996-01-04SpartanburgSC0
Spartan Mills 321411996-01-04SpartanburgSC62
Spartan Mills 324521996-01-06SpartanburgSC16
Spartan Mills 371261999-01-11SpartanburgSC125
Spartan Mills 350531998-05-10StartexSC250
Spartan Mills 310981995-05-06StatesboroGA125