Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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20 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
Pratt and Whitney 751522011-01-01CheshireCT800Singapore
Pratt and Whitney 423582002-01-11ClaremoreOK50
Pratt And Whitney Utc 30329A1994-01-09East HartfordCT3
Pratt and Whitney 33000A1996-09-12East HartfordCT200
Pratt and Whitney 75152A2011-01-01East HartfordCT70Singapore
Pratt and Whitney 813982012-06-03East HartfordCT0
Pratt and Whitney, HAC 393632001-04-06Grand PrairieTX220
Pratt and Whitney International Aerospace Tubes, LLC 736272010-04-03IndianapolisIN106Singapore
Pratt And Whitney Utc 30329B1994-01-09MiddletownCT3
Pratt and Whitney 33000B1996-09-12MiddletownCT200
Pratt And Whitney 280961992-01-12North BerwickME230
Pratt And Whitney Utc 303281994-01-09North HavenCT60
Pratt and Whitney 330001996-09-12North HavenCT200
Pratt and Whitney 37080A1999-01-11North HavenCT110
Pratt and Whitney Engine Services, Inc. 726872009-01-10PlattsburghNY24Canada
Pratt And Whitney Utc 30329C1994-01-09Rocky HillCT3
Pratt and Whitney 33000C1996-09-12Rocky HillCT200
Pratt and Whitney 370801999-01-11Rocky HillCT110
Pratt And Whitney Utc 303291994-01-09SouthingtonCT60