Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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12 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
Inman Mills 38802B2001-12-03EnoreeSC114
Inman Mills 38802C2001-12-03EnoreeSC77
Inman Mills 38802D2001-12-03EnoreeSC94
Inman Mills 519092003-01-05EnoreeSC9
Inman Mills 51909A2003-01-05EnoreeSC24
Inman Mills 580082005-01-09EnoreeSC0
Inman Mills 388022001-12-03InmanSC120
Inman Mills 38802A2001-12-03InmanSC120
Inman Mills 38802E2001-12-03InmanSC10
Inman Mills 51909B2003-01-05InmanSC26
Inman Mills 51909C2003-01-05InmanSC4
Inman Mills 38802F2001-12-03New YorkNY3