Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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21 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
Ibase 60264A2006-01-10AL3
Ibase 60264B2006-01-10AZ11
Ibase 60264C2006-01-10CO1
Ibase 60264D2006-01-10FL2
Ibase 60264E2006-01-10ID2
Ibase 60264F2006-01-10IN4
Ibase 60264G2006-01-10KY1
Ibase 60264H2006-01-10MA1
Ibase 60264I2006-01-10MD1
Ibase 60264J2006-01-10MI11
Ibase 60264K2006-01-10MO3
Ibase 60264L2006-01-10NC1
Ibase 60264M2006-01-10NY1
Ibase 60264N2006-01-10OH8
Ibase 60264O2006-01-10OR2
Ibase 60264P2006-01-10PA1
Ibase 60264Q2006-01-10TX6
Ibase 60264R2006-01-10UT10
Ibase 60264S2006-01-10VA5
Ibase 60264T2006-01-10IL1
Ibase 602642006-01-10AustinTX0