Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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30 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
HP Inc. 92293M2016-05-10AguadillaPR36
HP Inc. 94983X2019-12-07Aguadilla PuebloPR1SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 92293C2016-05-10AlpharettaGA73
HP Inc. 94983E2019-12-07AlpharettaGA1SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 92293J2016-05-10AustinTX364
HP Inc. 94983R2019-12-07AustinTX1SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 92293D2016-05-10BoiseID239
HP Inc. 94983G2019-12-07BoiseID56SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 92293G2016-05-10CorvallisOR36
HP Inc. 94983M2019-12-07CorvallisOR31SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 92293B2016-05-10Fort CollinsCO279
HP Inc. 94983C2019-12-07Fort CollinsCO2SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 92293I2016-05-10HoustonTX364
HP Inc. 92293F2016-05-10New YorkNY36
HP Inc. 94983K2019-12-07New YorkNY2SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 922932016-05-10Palo AltoCA279
HP Inc. 941022018-01-08Palo AltoCA6China
HP Inc. 949832019-12-07Palto AltoCA2SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 92293H2016-05-10PlanoTX436
HP Inc. 94983O2019-12-07PlanoTX1SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 92293E2016-05-10Rio RanchoNM436
HP Inc. 94983I2019-12-07Rio RanchoNM1SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 92293A2016-05-10San DiegoCA279
HP Inc. 94983A2019-12-07San DiegoCA39SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 92293L2016-05-10San JoseCA255
HP Inc. 94983V2019-12-07San JoseCA1SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 94983Q2019-12-07SpringTX3SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 92293K2016-05-10VancouverWA373
HP Inc. 94983T2019-12-07VancouverWA52SingaporeSouth Korea
HP Inc. 958912020-01-04VancouverWA0