Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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39 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
Fruit of The Loom 33767A1997-01-08AbbevilleLA600
Fruit of the Loom 38938A2001-01-03AlicevilleAL168
Fruit of the Loom 316891995-04-12BatesvilleMS600
Fruit of the Loom 315991995-01-10Bowling GreenKY300
Fruit of the Loom 344861998-01-04Bowling GreenKY7
Fruit of The Loom 345931998-01-05Bowling GreenKY5
Fruit of The Loom 349201998-01-08Bowling GreenKY26
Fruit of The Loom 351871998-09-11Bowling GreenKY400
Fruit of The Loom 328491996-01-10CampbellsvilleKY400
Fruit of The Loom 363931999-01-06CampbellsvilleKY200
Fruit of the Loom 377062000-01-05FrankfordKY280
Fruit of The Loom 31599A1995-01-10FranklinKY3
Fruit of The Loom 315681995-01-10GreensburgKY300
Fruit of The Loom 389362001-01-03GreenvilleMS270
Fruit of The Loom 33767C1997-01-08HarlingenTX380
Fruit of the Loom 524422003-01-07HarlingenTX0
Fruit of the Loom 526082003-01-08HarlingenTX191
Fruit of The Loom 381362000-02-10HarlingerTX37
Fruit of the Loom 390072001-09-04JacksonvilleAL198
Fruit of the Loom 311441995-01-06JamestownKY72
Fruit of The Loom 33767D1997-01-08JamestownKY556
Fruit of The Loom, Inc 411692002-01-03JamestownKY951
Fruit of the Loom 559912004-01-11JamestownKY0Various
Fruit of The Loom 852152014-09-04JamestownKY600Honduras
Fruit of The Loom 376632000-01-05New YorkNY12
Fruit Of The Loom 299121994-01-05OsceolaAR600
Fruit of the Loom 384482000-01-12OsceolaAR900
Fruit of the Loom 389372001-01-03OsceolaAR0
Fruit of The Loom 33767B1997-01-08Port BarreLA349
Fruit of The Loom 31689A1995-04-12PrincetonKY600
Fruit of the Loom 329961996-02-12RaymondvilleTX185
Fruit of The Loom 315571995-01-10RienziMS300
Fruit of the Loom 314461995-01-09RockinghamNC313
Fruit of The Loom 336241997-07-07ShermanMS40
Fruit of The Loom 33767E1997-01-08ShermanMS45
Fruit of the Loom 337671997-01-08St. MartinvilleLA1430
Fruit of the Loom 38938B2001-01-03St. MartinvilleLA1010
Fruit of the Loom 389382001-01-03WinfieldAL216
Fruit of The Loom 315551995-01-10WoodvilleMS300