Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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14 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
Electrolux Home Products, Inc. 827792013-05-06CharlotteNC28ChinaSweden
Electrolux Home Products, Inc. 82779A2013-05-06CharlotteNC6ChinaSweden
Electrolux Home Products 511182003-10-03EdisonNJ1500
Electrolux Home Products 565982005-01-02GreenvilleMI0Mexico
Electrolux Home Products 573992005-01-06GreenvilleMI9
Electrolux Home Products 594812006-01-05JeffersonIA8
Electrolux Home Products, INC 710532009-08-06JeffersonIA28Mexico
Electrolux Home Products 393812001-04-06NashvilleAR5
Electrolux Home Products 51118A2003-10-03PiscatawayNY30
Electrolux Home Products, Inc. 939862018-01-07Saint CloudMN0
Electrolux Home Products, Inc. 937042018-06-04St. CloudMN1003China
Electrolux Home Products 393342001-01-05SwainsboroGA100
Electrolux Home Products, INC. 701232009-01-05Webster CityIA304Mexico
Electrolux Home Products, Inc. 801392011-01-04Webster CityIA812Mexico