Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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15 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
Dex Media, Inc. 833132013-01-12AlbanyNY48India
Dex Media 860332015-01-05BethlehemPA16PhilippinesIndia
Dex Media, Inc. 93202A2017-04-10DFW AirportTX115IndiaPhilippines
Dex Media, Inc., d/b/a Dex YP 941112018-06-09DFW AirportTX0
Dex Media, Inc. 852322014-01-04EriePA1
Dex Media 861072015-01-06Greenwood VillageCO78The Philippines
Dex Media 860842015-10-06Los AlamitosCA54IndiaPhilippines
Dex Media, Inc. 93202B2017-04-10Maryland HeightsMO82IndiaPhilippines
Dex Media, Inc. 933452017-05-12Maryland HeightsMO0
Dex Media 850972014-01-02MiddletonMA25IndiaPhilippines
Dex Media 900942015-03-08MiddletonMA0
Dex Media 902592015-01-09St. PetersburgFL55IndiaPhilippines
Dex Media, Inc. 932022017-04-10TuckerGA183IndiaPhilippines
Dex Media Inc. 935932018-02-03TuckerGA0
Dex Media 861372015-01-06WilliamsvilleNY34IndiaPhilippines