Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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11 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
Dell Marketing L.P. and Dell USA LP 851672014-01-03PlanoTX845India
Dell Marketing L.P. And Dell USA LP 853372014-01-05PlanoTX46India
Dell USA LP, Roseburg Call Center 619932007-01-08RoseburgOR274
Dell USA LP 657852009-10-04Round RockTX0
Dell USA LP 704772009-01-05Round RockTX0China
Dell USA LP 70477A2009-01-05Round RockTX62India
Dell USA LP 751992011-09-02Round RockTX2
Dell USA LP 804472011-01-09Round RockTX11
Dell USA LP 810352011-01-10Round RockTX20India
Dell Marketing L.P. and Dell USA LP 852502014-01-04Round RockTX60
Dell USA LP 853982014-01-06Round RockTX12Philippines