Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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16 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
DEXTER SHOE CO 255301991-11-03DEXTERME52
Dexter Shoe Co 307651995-01-02DexterME17
Dexter Shoe Co 339141997-01-10DexterME43
Dexter Shoe Co 371601999-01-12DexterME20
Dexter Shoe Co. 542932004-01-02DexterME0
Dexter Shoe Company 544312004-08-03DexterME20
Dexter Shoe Co 268341992-10-02MiloME25
Dexter Shoe Co 312541995-01-07MiloME25
Dexter Shoe Company 33914C1997-01-10MiloME35
Dexter Shoe Co 37160A1999-01-12MiloME20
Dexter Shoe Co 307661995-01-02NewportME18
Dexter Shoe Company 33914A1997-01-10NewportME35
Dexter Shoe Co 37160C1999-01-12NewportME20
Dexter Shoe Company 33914B1997-01-10ShowheganME20
Dexter Shoe Co 37160B1999-01-12SkowheganME20
Dexter Shoe Co. 40377A2001-03-12West NewtonMA12