Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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18 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
Coats American 54203C2004-09-02All LocationsTX1
Coats American 54203D2004-09-02All LocationsCA1
Coats American 54203E2004-09-02All LocationsPA1
Coats American 54203B2004-09-02CharlotteNC15
Coats American, Inc. 746852010-01-10CharlotteNC7United KingdomPhilippines
Coats American 55819A2004-01-10El PasoTX0
Coats American 56389A2005-01-01El PasoTX2
Coats American, Inc. 553222004-01-07MarbleNC50
Coats American, Inc. 613332007-01-04MarbleNC33Mexico
Coats American 558192004-01-10MarionNC0Various
Coats American 563892005-01-01MarionNC72Mexico
Coats American 55819C2004-01-10Old FortNC0
Coats American 56389C2005-01-01Old FortNC20
Coats American 334911997-01-05RossvilleGA73
Coats American 55819B2004-01-10SparksNV0
Coats American 56389B2005-01-01SparksNV1
Coats American, Inc. 516862003-06-05ToccoaGA103
Coats American 542032004-09-02WatertownCT18