Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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13 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
Ametek, Inc. 393162001-01-05GrahamNC200
Ametek, Inc. 512992003-01-03Grand JunctionCO24
Ametek, Inc. 568592005-01-03Grand JunctionCO50
Ametek, Inc. 619292007-03-08Grand JunctionCO3Mexico
Ametek, Inc. 587822006-03-02KentOH37Czech Republic
Ametek, Inc. 631592008-08-04KentOH0
AMETEK, Inc. 710362009-08-06KentOH15Mexico
Ametek, Inc. 725092009-06-10New UlmMN90Mexico
Ametek, Inc. 515422003-01-04RacineWI94
Ametek, Inc. 309381995-01-04SellersvillePA112
Ametek, Inc. 628642008-01-02SellersvillePA0
Ametek, Inc. 620762007-01-08West ChicagoIL10Mexico
Ametek, Inc. 636112008-01-06WilmingtonMA11Mexico