Trade Adjustment Assistance Applications

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12 results found
CompanyNametawsuffixInstitution DateCityStateEstNoWorkersCountry1Country2Country3
Ames True Temper, Inc 384752000-01-12DavisvilleWV113
Ames True Temper 604102006-01-11DelawareOH20China
Ames True Temper, Inc. 595882006-01-06Falls CityNE79India
Ames True Temper, Inc. 825892013-01-03Falls CityNE35China
Ames True Temper 602782006-01-10FrankfortNY77China
Ames True Temper 420932002-09-09KanePA32
Ames True Temper, Inc. 824742013-01-02LewistownPA181
Ames True Temper Company 569682005-01-04North VernonIN12ChinaBrazil
Ames True Temper 416772002-01-06ParkersburgWV180
Ames True Temper 420902002-09-09ParkersburgWV123
Ames True Temper 562572004-01-12ParkersburgWV52China
Ames True Temper, Inc. 827362013-01-05Union CityPA33MexicoChina