How many jobs and how much money are the people in your state being deprived of via the use of H-1B Non-Immigrant Guest Workers in Fiscal Year 2020?

Number of JobsWORKSITE CITYView Records
3AguilaView Data
1AmadoView Data
2AnthemView Data
2ArizonaView Data
1ArlingtonView Data
4AvondaleView Data
7BagdadView Data
1BapchuleView Data
1BensonView Data
4BuckeyeView Data
1Bullhead CityView Data
1CandlerView Data
16Casa GrandeView Data
1ChanderView Data
689CHANDLERView Data
1Chandler,View Data
1ChanndlerView Data
2ClaypoolView Data
1CottonwoodView Data
6DouglasView Data
1EloyView Data
1FalgstaffView Data
17FlagstaffView Data
4FlorenceView Data
1Fort MohaveView Data
7GanadoView Data
103GilbertView Data
1Gilbert DeliveryView Data
1GlandaleView Data
150GlendaleView Data
4GoodyearView Data
5Green ValleyView Data
1HaydenView Data
4KingmanView Data
2Lake Havasu CityView Data
2LaveenView Data
3MaranaView Data
9MaricopaView Data
1MariettaView Data
91MESAView Data
1Mohave ValleyView Data
13MorenciView Data
7NogalesView Data
7Oro ValleyView Data
1PageView Data
1ParkerView Data
1PauldenView Data
2PearceView Data
10PeoriaView Data
3PheonixView Data
3105PhoenixView Data
2Phoenix (Home Office)View Data
3Phoenix,View Data
1PhoenizView Data
1PhoenxView Data
2PhoneixView Data
8PrescottView Data
3Rio RicoView Data
12SaffordView Data
1SahuaritaView Data
3Saint DavidView Data
3San CarlosView Data
1San Tan ValleyView Data
1ScaottsdaleView Data
1ScottdsaleView Data
1Scottsdale View Data
901ScottsdaleView Data
2Scottsdale,View Data
2SedonaView Data
2SeligmanView Data
1Show LowView Data
2SierraView Data
2Sierra VistaView Data
2SomertonView Data
1StanfieldView Data
1Suite 213View Data
6Sun CityView Data
2Sun City WestView Data
1SunriseView Data
1SuperiorView Data
5SurpriseView Data
942TempeView Data
3Tempe,View Data
2TempleView Data
2TollesonView Data
1Tuba CityView Data
299TucsonView Data
6TusconView Data
5VailView Data
1WelltonView Data
1WillcoxView Data
1WinslowView Data
2WittmannView Data
15YumaView Data